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Packing :-,500 ml

An Super Effective Cough Relieving Decoction Made Under Woodflame


  • Beneficial In Cold Cough, Tonsills & Sore Throat, Bronchitis
  • Purify & Detox Lungs, Soothes Chest Muscles
  • Make Lungs Healthy & Increase Oxygen Supply & Aids Breathing
  • Provides Relief From Smoker’S Cough, Mitgates Nicition-Include Lung Toxicity Treat Allergic Cough & Asthama


Kantkari, adusa , gojihva, jufah, banaksha, mulethi ,Unab, saunth, ativisha Pipal,  tulsi, munakka, Giloy ,harad, sugar.

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Strengthen your lungs with this Swas Kesari Syrup from urbfort . This syrup is made with the traditional process to offer natural relief from cough, sneezing, stuffy nose, and improve the chest immune system as well as respiration system. The blend of these herbs is also beneficial in promoting easy breathing and eliminating the symptoms of asthma.


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