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Packing : 500 ml
Dosage : 4-4 Tablespoon, twice a day or as directed by an expert.


  • Control & Lower  Down Blood Sugar Level
  • Prevent & Treat The Complication & Heal Wound  Which Occur Due To Diabetes
  • Helps Stimulate Insulin Release In Pancreas & Lower Cholestrol  Naturally
  • Normalize Functioning Of Eyes, Kidney , Liver & nervous system

Gudmar, kutki, vijaysaar, kali jeeri, Chirayta nepall , methi dana, Karela, neem , Karanj, safed musli , Ashwagandha , kaunch beej , Mamejva, badam kadwa, Harshringar, inderayan jad

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Made Under Woodflame

Keep your blood sugar level in check with the AAROGYA Sugar Syrup, which is made with natural herbs that helps to manage diabetes. It comes with the richness of various herbs that are helpful to provide relief from frequent urination, stimulate vision and also enhance the functioning of the liver, Diabetes Control , Balance blood sugar


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