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Packing : 30 – 1000 Capsules
Dosage: 1-1 capsule twice a day or as directed
by an expert

Kantkari Extract (solanum Virginianum) 100 Mg. Adusa Extract (justicia Adhatoda) 75 Mg.
Pipali Extract (capsicum Annuum) 50 Mg.
Ras Sindoor 25 Mg., Abhrak Bhasma 25 Mg. Parad Kajli 25 Mg., Mulethi Extract (licorice) 75 Mg. Sakartigaar 50 Mg., Laung (clove) 25 Mg. Sphatika Bhasma 50 Mg.

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Swas Kesari capsule is made with an effective formulation to offer natural relief from cough, sneezing, dust and smoke induced and improve the chest immune system as well as respiration system. it also provide complete lungs care and asthama.


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