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Packing : 20 GM

Application: Apply twice or thrice a day An required area or as directed by an expert.


  • Effective Relieves Itching, Irritation & Rashes
  •  Treats Various Fungal, Bacteria And Other Spouts Related Infections
  • Control The Burning Sensation On The Skin
  • Give Relief From Uncomfortable Herpes, Ringworm & Maskin It From Germs

suhaga, kapoor, Coconut oil, kela shar, Desi Mom

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Super Effecient Itching Cream

This cream provide rapid relief from itching, skin irritation, and ringworm, Uncomfortable herpes,
Anti Fungal Redness Herpes Inflammation. The perfect blend of ingredients is beneficial to control the burning sensation on the skin, fight against skin infection and get relief from fungal skin infections


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