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Packing : 500 mI
Dosage: 1-1 tablespoon syrup twice a day or as directed by an expert

Bhumi Amla, Kutki, Harad, Beheda, Amla, Jeera , Sirfuka, Bhringraj, Chitrak mool, Pudina pattar, Giloy, Aalu Bhukhara,  Anar dana khata , Punarva, Sounth, Pipal, Kali mirch, Dhaniya.

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Made Under Woodflame

Improve your Liver function effectivness with the Liver detoxin Urbliv syrup, made with Harmony traditional herbs, consists of perfect blend of Munakka, Anzeer & various herbs. Helps in digestion & detoxification of Liver elevate, Liver Enzyme, include protection of liver by preventing any accumulation of toxic substance. It may help stimulate the secreation of bile & enhance fat metabolism, boost overall immune system.


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